Leak Detection by Design



EnviroTech Alarms supply systems for water leak detection, oil leak detection, gas leak detection and temperature monitoring. Our alarm panels can measure the flow of water through a pipe and are designed to help meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT02/03. We also have systems that use sensor based technology to detect the presence of liquids and gas in areas where they should not be.

Our relationship with you starts and finishes with your satisfaction at the top of our list. We can offer consultation for your projects, support during installation, commissioning and after sales service to ensure you have many years of trouble free, reliable use from your equipment. We are a UK based business and manufacture all our products in England using the very best quality components and assembly techniques. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, supplying superior innovative products at sensible prices, quickly and reliably.


Search for the perfect alarm system to detect water, oil and gas as well as temperature monitoring.  We have a great range of single and multizone alarm panels, together with all the sensors and other parts required to build up your system.  Contact our expert sales team to discuss your specific project and let us help you write the technical submittal.


Leak Detection and environmental monitoring alarm systems: Envirotech have proven solutions ready to install in a wide range of building types.  We have systems for schools, offices, plant rooms, residential properties, retail units, leisure centres and many more.  Cover critical areas within the building such as Comms Rooms, Tea Points, Plant Rooms, HVAC equipment, Archives, WCs.


See our range of products for BREEAM that meet the requirements for WAT02/03 water leak detection and POL01 for refrigerant gas leak detection.  Find a system for detecting water, oil or gas using sensors, ideal for plant rooms, data centres, comms rooms and tea points. Signal to the BMS directly from the alarm panel as well as close valves to prevent further leakage.  Monitor rises in temperature in data centres and comms rooms and signal an alarm should this reach a predefined limit.

The case studies below demonstrate how our detection systems have already been applied in a variety of different situations



Your help and advice proved invaluable in helping us achieve Breeam compliance for the project, I look forwards to working with you on our next project.

I found speaking with Envirotech Alarms extremely useful, especially as I didn’t have very much experience of leak detection. Envirotech Alarms took the time to explain everything and even designed the right alarm system to suit my project

Very fast response to my enquiry, I had the quote within the hour. This level of service continued with the delivery arriving the very next day

Looking For A Leak Detection Alarm System?

Envirotech Alarms Ltd are specialists in water, gas and oil leak detection systems, providing singe or multi zone alarm packages which can activate a range of beacons, sounders, send SMS text messages and integrate with building management systems. For technical advice or sales enquiries please get in touch.