Gas Detection Alarm Panels for BREEAM POL01

Refrigerant gas leak detection has become very much more important in this environmentally contious time, particularly when you factor in the time and cost to find, detect and repair the leak.

The GasHunter single and multizone alarm panels can be used to help meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01 to reduce the impact of refrigerants on the environment caused by leaks in buildings.

The Gas-Hunter refrigerant leak detection alarm panel is designed to help meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01. The aim of this is to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions arising from leaks of refrigerant gases from a buildings cooling system.  The sensor is capable of continuously monitoring the atmosphere in the area local to equipment containing refrigerant gas.  Usually located in plant rooms, data centres or at the base of a riser containing the pipe work supplying the refrigerant gas.  A BREEAM point is available where it can be demonstrated that the refrigerants are contained in a moderately air tight enclosure with a permanent gas leak detection system installed.  It is also required to automaticaly shutdown the refrigerants in the event of a leak with the gas having a separate storage tank (or heat exchanger) fitted where it can be pumped.

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Product Features

  • A multizone alarm panel designed to detect the presence of refrigerant gases.
  • Helps to meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01.
  • Alarm panels available as standard in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 zones.
  • Single and dual level gas leak detection.
  • Comes with individual zone relays as standard, to allow connection to the
  • BMS, diallers and beacon/sounders.


Pol 01 Impact of refrigerants: Number of credits available for leak detection (1)

One credit where:

Systems using refrigerants are contained in a moderately air tight enclosure (or a mechanically ventilated plant room), and an automated permanent refrigerant leak detection system is installed covering high-risk parts of the plant OR where a refrigerant leakage/charge loss detection system is specified, which is not based on the principle of detecting or measuring the concentration of refrigerant in air.

The automatic shutdown and pump down of refrigerant occurs on the detection of refrigerant leakage/charge loss.

Automatic pump-down to either a separate storage tank or into the heat exchanger is acceptable, but only where automatic isolation valves are fitted to contain the refrigerant once fully pumped down.

The alarm threshold that triggers automatic pump down upon detection of refrigerant in the plant room/enclosure is set to a maximum of 2000ppm (0.2%), but lower levels can be set.

Use a robust and tested automated permanent refrigerant leak detection system, normally defined as that included on the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Energy Technology Product List1 (or an equivalent list).

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