Control shutoff valves for use with Envirotech Alarms leak detection systems

A range of solenoid and motorised butterfly valves are available for use with the complete range of Envirotech Alarm panels.  Available in sizes between 1/2″ and 8″, there is a valve to suit almost every situation.  Envirotech Alarms have normally opennormally closed and latching type valves and will be happy to help you select the correct valve to suit your application.

Envirotech Alarms offer a comprehensive range of valves for most applications and welcome enquiries for valves only. Our prices are competitive and we can usually deliver the next day. Contact us for a quote; we’re sure you’ll not be disappointed.

For Prices or Expert Advice about our range of WATER LEAK DETECTION Products, Please call 0330 1595933 or use the contact form.

Sensor Based Water Leak detection Systems

Direct connection to the relays in the LeakStopper range of alarm panels means that water can be isolated immediately a leak has been detected.  Normally open valves are used in order to reduce any heat build up in the valve coils, offering superior reliability and confidence that the valve will operate when most needed.

Water Leak Detection (BREEAM WAT03)

Major leak detection: Connect a 24VDC normally closed or normally open solenoid valve directly to the LeakSaver alarm panel and switch off the mains water supply as soon as a leak has been detected.  Although not a requirement for achieving BREEAM, fitting shut off valves will save the loss of large volumes of water should a leak occur and the building is unoccupied.

Automatic flow control in WCs (BREEAM WAT03)

Connecting a brass solenoid valve to a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) that activates only when the facility is occupied, can save water should there be a leak or malfunction of the plumbing equipment. The PIR acts like a switch holding the valve open for a preset length of time after somebody enters the room. The valve then remains open for a set length of time allowing the water to flow to the cisterns and taps. Once the room has been vacated, following a short delay, the valve will close and the water supply shut-off.

Gas Leak Detection

Available in both aluminium and brass, these valves are EN161 gas approved. With a working pressure up to 360mbar and a closing reaction time of less than 1 second, they offer great piece of mind that should there be a refrigerant gas leak, it will be isolated almost immediately.

Valve Key Switching

Isolate the supply of water to an area with the FlowControl valve switch.  This key operated switch will cut the power to a normally closed valve and prevent water flowing to a particular area.  When the key is switched to the on position, power is restored to the valve, which will open and allow water through.

Product Features

  • 24V normally open or normally closed solenoid valves for use with the Leaksaver.
  • Normally closed solenoid valves for use with PIRs from 1/2″ to 3″
  • Normally closed WRAS approved solenoid valves available to 3/4″
  • Normally closed valves available in 12V and 230VAC
  • More than one valve can be connected in series.
  • Gas approved valves available between 1/2″ and 2″
  • Motorised butterfly valves available for larger sizes up to 24″

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