Meeting the Requirements of BREEAM for Water and Gas

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is well recognised as the construction industry standard for assessing the sustainability credentials of a building. It covers a broad range of environmental and sustainable issues and can be used by designers, developers, architects and managers to demonstrate measures have been taken that ensures their building meets a certain standard. There are essentially 3 ratings, very good, excellent and outstanding, with this method of assessment. It is used in the construction of Courts, Schools, Healthcare establishments, Industrial buildings, Multi residential blocks, Offices, Prisons, Retail, Hotels and Leisure complexes.

Designed to help achieve the requirements of BREEAM WAT02/03.

Available in single or two zone versions.

Alarms when the flow of water exceeds a pre-set maximum amount within a set period of time.

Able to identify different flow rates by programming high and low flow levels allowing for different occupancies at different times of the day.

The LeakSaver is fully programmable to suit the users requirements.

Larger volumes of water can be called for without causing a false alarm.

Gas leak detection is also available to meet the requirements of POL01.

Envirotech Alarms have developed the LeakSaver system to meet the requirements for water leak detection and monitoring as well as the GasHunter for the detection of greenhouse gases.

Major Leak Detection and Consumption

We offer a range of products specifically designed to achieve the requirements for BREEAM WAT02 (consumption) and WAT03 (major leak detection). Installing a water meter at the boundary to the property and another where the mains cold water enters the building, both external and internal water leaks can be detected by the alarm panel. This system has been designed to allow the readings from the external water meter to be split, one part can be connected to the BMS for monitoring consumption (WAT02) and the other used by the LeakSaver alarm panel to monitor for water leaks (WAT03).

The Gas-Hunter alarm panels have the capability to detect the presence of refrigerant gas and help meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01 for reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from leakages. Ideal for installing on condensers, AHUs, compressor housings and chillers.


There are two versions of the LeakSaver water leak detection system, a single and a dual zone system. The single zone system is used when there is no external pipe work between the boundary of the building and where the pipe enters. It is also used when there is more than one building being feed from the mains. In this situation a dual zone system would be used to monitor the external pipe work and one of the buildings and then a single zone panel will be used in each of the additional building. The dual zone version is also used where there is a single feed to a building that has external pipe work usually running underground from the boundary. Here a water meter will need to be installed at the boundary (usually adjacent to the utility meter) and a second meter just after the main stop cock where the pipe enters the building.

Envirotech Alarms are confident that we have the best system to help you meet the requirements for BREEAM at one of the most competitive prices on the market. If you are specifying a water leak detection system for your project, why not let us help you get exactly what you need. We have over 30 years experience in providing leak detection equipment and know what BREEAM are looking for.


The GasHunter gas leak detection alarms use sophisticated sensors to detect the presence of particular gases in areas they shouldn’t be.  Available as either a single zone or multizone alarm panel, both have the facility to switch off valves and turn on pumps.  The GasHunter and sensor offers a competitive solution to help meet the requirements of POL01.

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