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Environmental Alarms

UK manufactured environmental alarm systems.

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  • Alarms for Oil and High Temperature
  • Protection for Comms Rooms and Plant Rooms
  • Gives an early warning alarm
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Free consolation and design service
  • Can be combined with water leak detection
  • Single and Multizone systems available

Protect what’s important by protecting the environment it’s kept in. Whether it’s assets, processes or data, fitting an environmental alarm is the first line of defence when it comes to minimising lost productivity.

Knowing that a leak has occurred or that the temperature in a critical area has exceeded an acceptable level, offers the opportunity to react quickly and take fast remedial action.

Popular products

The Heat-Hunter 1 detects when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-set upper or lower limit and triggers an alarm to warn of a potential problem.

The Heat-Hunter multizone detects when the ambient temperature in a room reaches an upper or lower limit, as well as being used to detect high humidity.

The LeakHunter oil leak detection system is a single zone oil leak detection system used to detect the presence of non conductive fluids.

The LeakHunter multizone oil leak detection system is designed to detect the presence of non conductive fluids in multiple areas.

Single or multizone environmental alarm systems

Oil Leak Schematic 600x437

In areas where maintaining a suitable ambient temperature is vital to the sustainability of the equipment (such as in data centres and comms rooms), fitting an over temperature alarm will give a vital early warning to any issues concerning an AC failure.

Have the peace of mind that assets such as fuel oil stored in tanks are protected should a leak occur. The LeakHunter oil leak detection alarm is specifically designed to detect the presence of oil based liquids in areas they are not expected to be. By fitting a valve to the outlet from the tank or at a point in the pipeline that if shut minimises the escape of the oil, will save you money and reduce time needed to clean up the leaked liquid.

Protecting employees that work in environments where gas is present is paramount. The GasHunter is a proven commercial solution for gas leak detection. Using sophisticated gas detection sensors, most gases can be detected in the immediate atmosphere and appropriate action taken. Audio and visual alarms will trigger as well as isolation valves shut automatically, stopping the supply of gas to the area with the leak.