Beacons and Sounders

There is a range of external beacons and sounders available for the High level Alarms and the SMS text diallers.  Designed to offer better visual and audiable signalling for areas that otherwise may not be alerted to a problem when only an alarm panel has been installed.  There are 3 options available, a beacon only, a sounder only and a combined beacon and sounder.

These compact options are powered from the main alarm panel negating the need to run a different power supply specifically for them.

The super bright LED beacon can easily be seen from over 30 meters away and the sounder outputs a load 102dB siren, easily heard from afar.

The housings for the external beacon/sounder is rated at IP65 meaning it is IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle (please note that the IP rating is affected following any drilling for cable entry etc.)

Beacons and Sounders, Product Features

Manufactured in the UK.

Beacons, Sounders and Beacon/Sounders.
Beacon visible at upto 30m.
Loud sounder 105dB at 10m.
Designed to work with SMS Diallers and High Level Alarms.
Very highest quality products.
Most competitive prices.
Large stock held for quick delivery.

For Prices or Expert Advice about our range of BEACONS AND SOUNDER Products, Please call 0330 1595933 or use the contact form.

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