Speech Dialler for Land Lines

The fixed line dialler can be used to alert that a problem has occurred and will send a voice mail message or a text to up to 8 different telephone numbers.  It plugs into a standard BT phone socket and is easily programmed using the keypad interface.  There are 4 inputs that can be used with a float switch for high level monitoring, a pressure switch for loss of pressure or for pump fail.  Each input can be programmed to have a different voice mail message or text message to indicate what problem has occurred.


The Speech Dialler can plug into a standard phone socket and will either send a voice message or a text to up to 8 different number. There are 4 inputs, each of which can have a different voice or text message. The alarm panel can be connected to a float switch to monitor for high fluid levels as well as other critical areas that require monitoring.

or see our other SMS text diallers for sending text message alerts.  You can have up to 4 inputs for high level, pressure loss and pump fail. Text multiple numbers with a bespoke message to raise awareness that a problem has occurred and take action quickly.

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Fixed line Auto Dialler,Product Features

  • Connects to a BT phone line.
  • 4 separate inputs.
  • Dials out to 8 different numbers.
  • High level monitoring.
  • Pressure loss.
  • Pump fail.
  • Battery backup available.

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