Flow monitoring for tanks.

Output control monitor that records the amount of liquid that flows out of a tank in litres.  This is an easy to use data logger with an LCD display that links to a water meter fitted on the ouput pipe of the tank.  As liquid passes through the water meter an integral pulse reader sends a signal to the data logger that records the amount.  Water meters are available in most sizes and the pulse readers come in 1 pulse to 1 litre, 1 pulse to 10 litres and 1 pulse to 100 litre outputs.  The data logger is powered using a lithium battery with a working life of 5 years making it easy to install in more remote areas.

Flow Control Product Features

  • Measures the amount of liquid flowing out of a tank.
  • Records in litres over time.
  • Works with water meters with pulse readers.
  • Meters available between 15mm and 300mm.
  • Powered by lithium battery with 5 year life.
  • Maintenance contracts available.

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