Gas Leak Detector Systems

BREEAM POL01 – Impact of refrigerants.  The aim of POL01 is to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions as a direct result of leakages of refrigerants from building systems.  A point is available where it can be demonstrated that the refrigerants are contained in a moderately air tight enclosure and a permanent gas leak detection system is installed.  It is also a requirement that there is an automatic shutdown of the refrigerants in the event of a leak with the gas having a separate storage tank (or heat exchanger) where it is pumped.

The Gas-Hunter multizone alarm panels from Envirotech Alarms Ltd, have the capability to detect the presence of refrigerant gas and help meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01 for reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from leaks.  Ideal for installing on external condensers, AHUs condensing units, compressor housings and chillers.

Adjustable alarm thresholds allow for multi level settings enabling staged alarm settings to give pre-alarm and a full alarm monitoring.

A single or series of gas detecting sensors can be connected to each zone of the alarm panel.  The sensors are mounted in any area where refrigerant gases are used and monitor continuously for the presence of gas.  In the event of a leak, the gas will be detected immediately and the alarm panel will show which zone has the problem.

In addition to Gas leak detectors, Envirotech Alarms Ltd also manufacture and supply a range of oil and water leak detecting sytems.

Product Features

  • Refrigerant gas leak detection system.
  • Designed to help meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01.
  • More than one gas sensor can be linked in series.
  • Single or dual level alarm outputs available.
  • Real time continuous monitoring designed to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions arising from leaks.

The gas detection sensors come pre-calibrated to detect refrigerant gases R134a and R410a.  The housing is suitable for mounting in plant rooms and require minimal maintenance.  There is an onboard audible alarm to help pin point the location of the leak as well as LED lights to show the status of the sensor.  The sensors can be set to have a delay that will allow small escapes of gas (e.g. caused during maintenance) without setting off an alarm.

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