Tank Fluid Level Alarm Panels

This is an entry level high level alarm that uses a float switch to signal when fluid levels reach a high level.  There is an on-board audio output as well as an LED that switches to Red (High level Alarm/Loss of Pressure). External beacons and beacon sounders are available for connecting to the alarm panel.  Ideal for when the alarm panel is located in an area where it may not be seen or heard.

There is a 230VAC and a 24VDC version.  A MUTE button that will silence the alarm but leave the LED Red until the high level has been cleared and a useful TEST button to ensure that all is functioning correctly.

Product Features

  • Connects to a float switch for monitoring liquid level.
  • Can be used with a pressure switch to monitor air pressure loss.
  • Power on indicator.
  • Test Button to ensure functionality is good.
  • Mute button to silence the sounder.
  • Automatically resets after fluid levels fall or air pressure resumes.
  • Comes in a well designed ABS cabinet.

The High Level Alarm connects to a float switch situated in the tank and monitors the level of liquid as it rises.  Once the level reaches a critical level (determined by the position of the float switch) the alarm panel receives a signal that sounds an alarm and switches the LED light on the front of the panel to red.  The sounder can be muted in order to stop the noise from the panel causing a disturbance, however the LED will remain red until the alarm has cleared.

It can also be connected to a pressure switch installed in the air delivery tube coming from a compressor.  Should the compressor fail, the air pressure will drop and this will trigger an alarm.

This alarm panel is ideal for installations where there is somebody around the area most of the time and will be able to investigate why the levels have risen or the air pressure has dropped and resolve the issue.  In situations where the panel may not be in a position where it can be seen or heard, external beacons and beacon/sounders are available.  The alarm panel self resets once the fluid levels drop or the compressor resumes and there is a handy “TEST” button that is used to ensure the panel is functioning correctly at all times.

Applications include packaged pump stations, sewage treatment plant, septic tanks and pumping stations.

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