Tank Fluid Level Alarms

Envirotech Alarms offer a great range of fluid level monitoring alarms to suit all applications and budgets. Commonly used in packaged pump stations for sewage treatment and other effluent holding tanks where any escape of the contents could lead to an environmental issue. There is an entry level high level alarm that can be connected to a float switch in the tank and output an audible and visual alarm when the fluid levels rise to a point where action need to be taken before an overflow. There is a more sophisticated version that sends a text message out when the level reaches a critical point, that can also be configured to work with a pressure switch, a pump fail signal and has the ability to send a text should the power fail to the tank.

High Level Alarm

This is an entry level high level alarm that uses a float switch to signal when fluid levels reach a high level. There is an on-board audio output as well as an LED that switches to Red (High level alarm). There is a 230VAC and a 24VDC version. A MUTE button that will silence the alarm but leave the LED Red until the high level has been cleared and a useful TEST button to ensure that all is functioning correctly.

High Level Sounder/Beacon Alarm

The Beacon/Sounder has a single input for a float switch or any other device that makes a contact when a limit is reached, such as a pressure switch. It has a very bright LED beacon (visible for 30m plus) and a very loud 102 dB sounder. The Beacon/Sounder automatically resets as soon as the contact from the trigger device (float switch, pressure switch) breaks.

Basic SMS High Level Alarm

This is a basic SMS dialler with 2 inputs for any of the following two functions: high level, pressure loss, pump fail or power fail. The Dialler can accept all the major network provider SIM cards and is fully programmable using text messages sent via mobile phone. A separate message can be sent for each input to a maximum of 512 different phone numbers. Once in alarm, the message will be sent to each number in order until an acknowledgement text is sent. There is an optional extended antenna for areas that suffer from low mobile signal levels.

4 Channel SMS High Level Alarm

This version of the SMS Dialler has 4 inputs allowing high level, pressure loss, pump fail or power fail to be monitored by the same panel.  There is also the addition of a battery backup, a loud sounder and bright flashing beacon to alert to the fact an alarm has occurred, the sounder can be silenced by a mute button.