High Level Alarm

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High Water Level Alarm – Product Features

  • Simple low cost alarm for high level monitoring.
  • Connects to standard float switches.
  • Can be used for pressure loss monitoring.
  • Output for connecting to external devices.
  • Float switches available.
  • Pressure switches available.
  • Optional battery backup.
  • Can be used with external beacons and sounders.

Nice simple to install high level alarm panel designed to alert to high fluid levels in tanks when connected to a float switch.  The panel has an inbuilt sounder and a LED to show that an alarm has occured.

This alarm panel can also be used to monitor air pressure loss using a pressure switch installed in the feed tube from the compressor.

Once in alarm the sounder can be muted with the press of a button.

There is also a useful TEST button that can be used to periodically ensure that the panel is functioning correctly.

The High Level Alarm can have a number of external devices attached.  There is an external beacon, sounder and beacon/sounder that connects to the High Level Alarm for when the panel on it’s own may not be seen or heard.

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