Imrita Auto Restore Feature Explained

Understanding the “Auto Restore” feature used with the Imrita water leak detection alarm.

The thinking behind auto restore is to avoid an alarm and the water being switched off when there isn’t a genuine leak. An example of when there might be a situation where this could happen is in the summer, when watering the garden.

EXAMPLE: The Imrita may be set to alarm when the volume of water exceeds 100 litres or after there’s been continuous flow for more than 20 minutes. During garden watering the volume of water may well go over 100 litres or 20 minutes.

With the auto restore feature set, it is possible to make the Imrita resume normal operation even after a threshold has been exceeded without any intervention. The auto restore feature requires a setting in seconds, this setting relates to the amount of time allowed for the tap to be switched off. In this example a figure of 15 seconds would be an acceptable time.

When watering the garden the tap used for watering remains open for longer than 20 minutes and immediately the Imrita shuts the valve on the supply (at this stage, there is no audible alarm given). As there is no water coming out of the hose pipe, we must assume the property owner switches off the tap with in the 15 second time frame. With the tap switched off, the Imrita determines there isn’t a leak and the valve automatically re-opens, normal usage resumes.

Should there be a genuine leak and the time or volume thresholds are exceeded, the Imrita will still automatically close the valve (no sounder). In this case the water will still flow from where the leak is and after 15 seconds, the valve will open momentarily. This allows the Imrita domestic smart water leak detector to detect water flow (the leak) and immediately sound the alarm, switch off the water and notify that there’s a leak.