Programmable Leak Detection Multizone Alarms

Designed for projects where there are multiple areas requiring leak detection spread over a building.  Up to 400 areas/zones can be covered with one alarm panel, each area having an addressable outstation capable of four connections (zones).  Any sensor type can be connected to the system for water, gas, oil and temperature, making the LeakMonitor the most flexible leak alarm to date.  Each outstation can be assigned a name to determine where it’s located, once set up, a leak on any of the zones will be shown by location and date via alarm panel LCD screen.  Simultaneously, the alarm panel omits a sounder, switches relays to signal to other equipment such as the BMS and logs the alarm in the panels non-volatile memory.

The benefits of using the LeakMonitor for larger projects is the great savings on cost of the equipment, ease of installation and the on-screen information regarding the location of the leak.

For projects with under 8 areas/zones requiring leak detection, please see our LeakStopper Multizone alarm system.

We also have a range of packages designed for specific areas including TeaPoints, Comms Rooms and Basements.  These are available on from our on-line shop.

For Prices or Expert Advice about our range of WATER LEAK DETECTION PACKAGE Products, Please call 0330 1595933 or use the contact form.

Leak Monitor Alarm

LeakMonitor Alarm Features

  • Intelligent system can be used for water, oil, gas and temperature monitoring all at the same time.
  • 400 zones/areas can be monitored simultaniously.
  • Multiple alarms can be detected even if they occur concurrently.
  • Flexibility through ease of adding more zones as the requirement demands.
  • Optional Modbus TCP/ip for onward signalling.
  • Alarm log file showing time and place of the leak detected.
  • Sensor status and integrity constantly monitored with status alarm signalling should a sensor fail.
  • Each 4 zone outstation can be ordered with individual zone relays allowing specific areas to be isolated using solenoid valves.

The LeakMonitor is the very latest in intelligent leak detection alarm systems.  It has been designed using the most current technology and parts to ensure that the system is both reliable and future proof.

Protection of important assets, be it data, property or productivity is paramount.  The LeakMonitor offers the reassurance that a leak of any type will be detected and alerted to immediately.

This is the future of leak detection for large commercial buildings.

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