Low Level Alarms for Fluid Monitoring

Our low level alarms offer you the peace of mind that you’ll always know when the fluid in your tank gets too low. It’s easy to install, extremely reliable and doesn’t cost much. Fit it to any type of tank or bund that holds liquid including water and fuel oils. Often used in water tanks to protect pumps from running dry and for letting you know when the oil in your storage tank needs refilling.

The alarm panel has been designed to work with standard float switches. As the liquid level drops the float switch triggers at the desired point and sets the alarm off. An onboard sounder and warning light alert you to the siutation and allows for immediate action to be taken. For more remote areas where the onboard alarm might be missed, there is an optional external beacon and/or sounder.

Low Level Alarms for Fluid Monitoring

We have float switches for most liquids that can be fitted into your tank at the desired level. No need to worry if your tank is positioned away from your property, as long as a cable can be run between the tank and where you want the alarm panel to go, this will work.

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There is a battery backup version should this be required as well as our high/low level text diallers that will automatically send a text to you whenever an alarm is triggered.  These systems are ideal for tanks located in remote locations or away from the person or company responsible for monitoring them.

Rainwater Harvesting Low Water Level Alarms

Incredibly even in the UK we have periods when it doesn’t rain. At these unusual times the water level in your rainwater harvesting tank could diminish to the point where you no longer have any left. Avoid this situation by fitting one of our special low level alarms designed specifically to allow levels to be automatically topped up. This clever monitoring alarm detects when the level in the tank has dropped to a critical point and automatically switches on a valve to allow mains water to flow. An inbuilt automatic timer keeps the valve open for a specific amount of time to prevent the tank overflowing or filling too much unnecessarily.

All our low level alarm comes in a smart ABS plastic housing with IP65 rating. There are 240VAC or 12VDC versions available.  Our float switches come with cable lengths from 5m up to 50m. Our float switches for monitoring water are manufactured out of blow moulded Polyethylene and have a 5mm PVC cable with protective earth. We offer a 12 month warranty on all our products as well as free technical support.

Low Tank Level Alarm

Product Features

  • Low Tank Level Alarm.
  • Works with standard float switches.
  • Relay output for external beacon and/or sounder.
  • Rainwater harvesting version with timer control.
  • Range of solenoid valves available.
For Prices or Expert Advice about our range of PACKAGE PUMP Products, Please call 0330 1595933 or use the contact form.

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