Leak Detection for Offices

Installing leak detection in offices is becoming a requirement for protecting valuable assets and preventing costly losses. Many multi-occupancy office buildings share space over a number of floors making leak detection a priority.  Protecting other tenents on the floor below from experiencing loss due to water leaks is often enforced by the landlords or insurance company. New office buildings more often than not need to comply with BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Method) under which water leak detection fall.  Envirotech Alarms have systems designed specifically to meet the requirements for BREEAM WAT02 (monitoring consumption) and WAT03 (water leak detection).

We have worked hard over the years to put a number of complete packages together that meet the full requirements for water leak detection in Tea points and Comms rooms.  These packages contain everything that is required to install a leak detection system that will alert when a leak occurs and in the case of the Tea Point switch off the water to that area.  Both these packages have been designed to offer very easy install (everything needed arrives in the box) at a competitive package price.

If you are working on an office building project, be it a new build or refurbishment, Envirotech Alarms have leak detection systems suited to almost all requirements.  They can either be designed specifically for larger areas and more complex applications, or we have our standard kits that are easily installed in Tea Points, risers, Plant Rooms, Comms rooms, WCs, showers, lift shafts and any other vulnerable area where a leak would have financial consequences.

We also have the capability to cover all the areas in the building with the LeakMonitor multi zone alarm panel, this uses a main alarm panel with an LED screen that will tell you exactly where a leak has occurred, anywhere in the building.  Click on the image below where you will be able to access more information on this product.

Whatever your requirement, why not get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.