Oil Leak Detectors & Alarm Panels


Protect oil storage facilities, fuel and heating oil tanks from large escapes of hydrocarbon oils.  The LeakHunter oil leak detection system uses clever sensor technology that detects the presence of oil as soon as contact is made. Envirotech Alarms Ltd also have a range of products for the identification of gas and water leaks.

Oil and fuel leaks can be particularly damaging to local environments if left oil leak detection system LeakHunter panel and sensorunchecked.  Large volumes of oil and fuel can be lost should a pipe fracture, a connector fail or damage due to vandalism.  Envirotech Alarms understand the need to detect the presence of these substances where they shouldn’t be and react immediately.  The LeakHunter oil leak detection systems have been developed to go in oil and fuel storage facilities, adjacent to fuel tanks for standby generators, in lift pits where hydraulic oil is used and in waste oil and solvent collection centres.

The system uses a clever optical sensor that shines an LED beam of light onto a collector.  If the beam is broken by oils an alarm is triggered and a series of relays are switched inside the panel.  The relays can be used to switch isolation valves which cut the supply, send out text messages, set off sounder/beacons and connect to a BMS (building management sytem).

Product Features

  • Single and Multizone Alarm panels Available.
  • Multizone panels available from 2 – 64 zones.
  • Multiple sensors can be connected to a single panel
  • Detects liquids with and without conductive qualities.
  • Super bright beacon visible for over 30m.

The normal configuration is to place a sensor in a drip tray under the storage tank, any liquid that leaks into the drip tray will be detected.  A series of sensors can be used and wired in series back to a single alarm panel.  If however there are a number of storage vessels situated on a site a multi zone panel can be used that will indicate which particular area (or zone) has the leak.

Below are a few examples of where and how Envirotech water, gas and oil leak detectors have been used.

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