Oil Leak Detection Sensors

The principle of oil leak detection involves the use of a sensor. Working on the principle of light passing between two points the oil sensor detects any change in opacity between an emitting diode and a detector. This causes the sensor to switch state and signal that oil is present.

oil leak detector panel and sensor

The oil leak detection sensor can also detect: Aviation Spirit, Benzene, Hydrochloric Acid, Butane, Edible fats & Oils, Kerosene, Linseed Oil, Methanol, Motor Oil, Diesel, Petroleum Ether, Transformer Oil, Varnish, Water, White Spirit, Sulphuric Acid. Learn more about our oil leak detection systems.

Product Features

  • Works with any of the LeakHunter alarm panels.
  • Powered directly from the main alarm panel.
  • Multiple sensors can be connected in series.
  • Adjustable height.

See the examples below for how Envirotech Alarms gas, water and oil leak detection systems have been applied at our customers sites.

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