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High Temperature Alarm & Monitoring Systems

High Temperature and humidity alarm panels.

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Rising temperatures are the first indicator of a failure in the cooling system.

Picking up a problem early with the cooling system in a data centre of comms room will prevent damage and loss of data. Our high temperature alarms constantly monitor the ambient temperature and compares this to a set level. The HeatHunter over temperature alarms from Envirotech Alarms Ltd will alert the user if the set temperatures are exceeded.

The HeatHunter temperature alarm systems are available in single or multi zone versions and are capable of measuring a temperature range up to 30ºC. A number of temperature sensors can be attached to one alarm panel allowing better room coverage. In the event of a cooling failure, the ambient temperature will start to rise. The HeatHunter temperature alarm is constantly monitoring the temperature and as soon as it reaches a maximum set point an alarm is triggered. As soon as this happens the panel will start to sound and a light flash. At the same time a series of relays will switch, these can be connected to external devices such as a BMS, a sounder/beacon, an echo repeater panel located in a reception or security office and an SMS text dialler that will send a text message to a number of mobile telephones.

Over temperature alarm products

The Heat-Hunter 1 detects when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-set upper or lower limit and triggers an alarm to warn of a potential problem.

The Heat-Hunter multizone detects when the ambient temperature in a room reaches an upper or lower limit, as well as being used to detect high humidity.

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Water, Humidity and Over Temperature System

As well as over temperature monitoring, our HeatHunter over temperature alarms can be fitted with a humidity sensor. Increased humidity can be a problem in a data centre, server room and comms room as it can cause dielectric breakdown in solid state devices. As with the temperature monitoring systems an upper threshold for humidity is set and if reached an alarm is triggered.

It is possible using the Heat Hunter multi zone system to combine temperature and humidity monitoring together. Envirotech Alarms have designed the HeatHunter to enable easy installation, minimum maintenance and simple operation. We have the experience and expertise to help you design the correct system for your project, alternatively we have complete kits available for some common applications.

The Heat-Hunter 1 high temperature alarm systems detects when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-set upper or lower limit, it can also be used to detect levels of humidity above a point that would cause problems to sensitive equipment. These are our single zone temperature alarms, click here for multizone temperature alarms.

The single zone temperature alarm panel can be connected to either a temperature sensor or humidity sensor, each of these can be set to a specific level that if exceeded will trigger the alarm. A dial enables setting the temperature at which the device switches on and off, the dial is connected through a circuit to the temperature sensor (a bimetal strip) which switches an electrical circuit on and off by bending. The bimetal strip is made of two separate metal strips fastened together: a piece of brass bolted to a piece of iron. Iron expands less than brass as it gets hotter, so the bimetal strip curves inward as the temperature rises, the strip forms part of an electrical circuit. When the strip is cool, it’s straight, so it acts as a bridge through which electricity can flow, when the strip is hotter, it bends and breaks the circuit, so no electricity can flow, this triggers the Heat-Hunter 1 to go into alarm

Single zone alarm featuresheathunter high temperature alarm system

  • Measure of over-temperature in data centres and comms rooms.
  • Will monitor temperature between 5°C and 30°C.
  • More than one temperature sensor can be linked in series.
  • Can be used to monitor high humidity between 30 and 100% RH.
  • Can be linked to BMS, text diallers and beacon/sounders.

2 X 2 amp Volt free changeover common alarm relays. Will switch state on any zone detecting an alarm. Useful for connection to an external sounder/beacon or triggering a telephone dialler.

1x 2 amp Volt free changeover common alarm relay, ideal for connection to a BMS. 12VDC output for running low voltage devices directly from the panel up to 500mA.

Power fail relay will switch should the mains power be interrupted. Output connector for Echo repeater panel used for remote monitoring in a different location to the main panel location.

The HeatHunter 4 will protect what’s important by protecting the environment it’s kept in. Whether it’s assets, processes or data, fitting a multizone over temperature alarm is the first line of defense when it comes to minimising lost productivity.

Knowing that the temperature in a critical area has exceeded an acceptable level, offers the opportunity to react quickly and take fast remedial action.

In areas where maintaining a suitable ambient temperature is vital to the sustainability of the equipment (such as in data centres and comms rooms), fitting a temperature monitoring system will give a vital early warning to any issues concerning an AC failure.

Product featurestemperature monitoring system

  • Detects rises or drops in  temperature in various different locations.
  • Alarm panels available between 1 and 32 zones (more zones available on request).
  • Will monitor temperature between 5°C and 30°C.
  • More than one temperature sensor can be linked in series.
  • Can be used to monitor high humidity between 30 and 100% RH.
  • Ideal for use in larger comms rooms or data centres.
  • Can be linked to BMS,beacon/sounders and send a text message.
  • can be used with temperature and humidity sensors simultaneously.


Over temperature and humidity sensors

A range of sensors for temperature monitoring in a room as well the relative humidity. All our temperature and humidity sensors are compatible with the HeatHunter alarm panel range.

Product featuresTemperature Sensors Main Picture 600x425

  • Temperature monitoring between 5 and 30 degrees C.
  • Humidity Monitoring between 35% and 100% RH.
  • Works with all Heat Hunter Alarm Panels.
  • Easy to connect with data cable.

Tamper Proof room sensor for use in public areas or other situations where subsequent temperature adjustment is not required / desirable. Temp. range 5°- 30°C

Digital Sensor CE marked. Conforms to protection requirements of 2006/95/EC & 2004/108/EC. WEEE & RoSH compliant. Digital Display Temp. range: 5°-35°C.

Humidity sensors, designed to measure the external relative humidity conditions. Can be used to monitor the humidity in data-centers where low humidity can cause dielectric breakdown in solid state devices. Measures between 35% to 100%RH