Packaged Pump Station Equipment

Packaged Pump Station Equipment

Envirotech Alarms have systems that work with Package Pump Stations to monitor fluid levels and control the pumps.

There is a dual pump control panel that can switch the pumps on and off as required as fluid levels rise and fall.  Our range of high level alarms can be used to offer an early alert to a problem such as a pump fail or a blockage.

There is a simple alarm panel that will output an audible and visual signal on the panel with the option to add external beacons and sounders.

We also provide SMS diallers that send out text messages when a problem occurs in the pumping station.  This is especially useful when the property in question isn’t occupied all of the time.

Packaged Pump Station Equipment

SMS (Telemetry) Diallers.

The SMS Dialler is the perfect solution for monitoring fluid levels in tanks as well as air pressure loss and pump fail alerts.

There are two version of the SMS Dailler, one with 4 inputs and one with 2.  Each input can be assigned a user defined message associated with what that channel is monitoring.

As an example, channel one can be connected to a float switch and should the liquid level rise too high a text message can be sent that says “TANK 1 FLUID LEVEL HIGH”.

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Pump Control Panels

Single and dual pump control panels. Designed to be used where one or two submerged pumps are located in a tank to control and protect the pumps. The control panel is linked to float switches that will switch the pump/s on or off depending on how much liquid is in the tank.  The dual pump control panel can instruct either pump to run, alternate or if required run both pumps simultaniously.  There is also protection devices in the panels that mean the pumps are protected should the current being used increase above a certain level or there is a fault on the mains supply.

High Level Alarms

The high level alarms that we supply are a simple low cost monitoring device that connect to a float switch for fluid level monitoring or a pressure switch for loss of air pressure. They have a buzzer and light that will alert to a rising fluid level or loss of air in the tank.  If the alarm panel is positioned where the light and buzzer may not be heard, it is possible to add an external beacon and sounder.

Fixed line diallers

The fixed line dialler plugs into a standard BT phone socket and can be set up to either send a voice mail message or a text message should a problem occur.  There are 2 inputs that can be used for high level monitoring, loss of air, pump fail and up to 8 different telephone numbers can be programmed in.

Low Level Alarms

Our low level alarms can be used with rain water harvesting tanks to monitor when the water levels drop to a critical level. They can be linked to a valve installed on the mains water supply that will open for a specified amount of time to allow the tank to fill.

Flow Control Systems

These are fitted on the output side of a sewage treatment plant and can record the amount of liquid in litres that exits the tank. The data logger connects to a water meter that has a pulse reader attached to it.  A pulse is sent to the data logger that equates to the amount of water passing through the water meter.  This amount is recorded and the accumulated total can be recorded between different dates.


There is a range of optional parts that can be used with the alarms. Available are external sounders and beacons or combined sounder/beacons. We have float switches with 5m to 50m cables and air pressure switches.

  • Products for Packaged Pump Stations
  • Dual Pump Control Panels.
  • 2 and 4 channel SMS Telemetry Diallers.
  • High Level Alarms with battery backup option.
  • Low Level Alarms for rain water harvesting tanks.
  • Fixed Line Diallers.
  • Flow Control Systems to monitor liquid output.
For Prices or Expert Advice about our range of WATER LEAK DETECTION PACKAGE Products, Please call 0330 1595933 or use the contact form.

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