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Level Alarm Systems

UK manufactured level alarms.

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  • Low cost level monitoring alarms
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Volt free relay fitted as standard
  • Easy to install
  • High Level / Low Level / Text Diallers
  • Stock held for quick delivery
  • Float switches also available

Envirotech Alarms have level alarms that work with Package Pump Stations to monitor fluid levels.

Our range of high and low level alarms can be used to offer an early warning to a problem such as a pump fail, blockage or a leaking tank. These simple alarm panels output an audible and visual signal, with the option to add external beacons and sounders. We also have SMS text diallers that send out text messages when high or low level are reached. This is especially useful when the property in question isn’t occupied all of the time.

Fluid level alarm products

Nice simple to install high level alarm panel designed to alert to high fluid levels in tanks when connected to a float switch.  The panel has an inbuilt sounder and am LED to show that an alarm has occurred.

Our low level alarms offer you the peace of mind that you’ll always know when the fluid in your tank gets too low. It’s easy to install, extremely reliable and doesn’t cost much. Fit it to any type of tank or bund that holds liquid including water and fuel oils.

The SMS telemetry alarm for use with package pump stations and septic tanks.  Receive an early warning by text that a problem has occurred and avoid unnecessary issues.

Fluid level monitoring

SMS text dialler level alarms

The SMS text dialler uses mobile phone technology to send a message to alert to a high or low level.  There are 4 inputs, each of which can have a bespoke message and up to 5 different telephone numbers can be programmed to receive the message/s.

High level alarms

The high level alarms that we supply are a simple low cost monitoring device that connect to a float switch for fluid level monitoring or a pressure switch for loss of air pressure. They have a buzzer and light that will alert to a rising fluid level or loss of air in the tank. If the alarm panel is positioned where the light and buzzer may not be heard, it is possible to add an external beacon and sounder.

Low level alarms

Our low level alarms can be used with a float switch to signal a warning when a fluid level drops below a certain level.  There is also a rain water harvesting version  to monitor when the water in a tank drops to a critical level. This will instruct a valve installed on the mains water supply to open for a specified amount of time to allow the tank to fill.