Automatic Flow Control for WCs

BREEAM WAT03 automatic flow control for WC areas.  The FlowControl automatic flow control system from Envirotech Alarms is a complete solution for automatically controlling the flow of water into toilet areas.  It uses PIR (passive infrared) sensors connected to valves fitted on the main water supplies to the area.  When someone enters the toilet, the PIR activates and the valves open allowing water to flow in.  After the area’s been vacated the valve automatically closes, switching the water off again.

BREEAM offer 1 credit (under WAT03) for fitting a flow control system to all WC areas in a building to minimise the impact of minor water leaks.  Toilet areas that have a common water feed can be served by several PIR sensors connected to a single valve.  Fitting a “FlowControl” system to all your WC areas will:

1.Reduce loss of water through undetected leaks.
2.Help to prevent large scale flooding due to burst pipes or vandalism.
3.Minimise water being wasted when taps are left running.

Product Features

  • Meets the requirements of BREEAM WAT03.
  • Available in 230VAC and low volt 12VDC versions.
  • More than 1 PIR can be connected to a single valve.
  • An infinite number of low volt valves can be run from a single PIR (requires a valve interface box, available from Envirotech Alarms).
  • Up to 3 solenoid valves (230VAC) can be run from 1 PIR.
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