Water Leak Detection for Plant Rooms


Plant rooms require water leak detection to prevent essential services such as electricity and heating from breaking down, causing lengthy down time and loss of production. Fitting a leak detection alarm from Envirotech Alarms will offer the peace of mind that in the event of a leak the problem will be dealt with quickly. All alarm panels have the ability to automatically switch off the water supply to the area concerned as well as connect to the BMS and link to a text dialler.

Equipment such as AHUs, booster sets and break tanks are particularly vulnerable to leaks, putting sensor tape or sensor probes around these will pick up any leaks almost straight away. This is especially relevant should the plant room be on the roof or upper floor of the building.  Let Envirotech Alarms help you design a complete solution for your leak detection requirements.

Have a look at one of our Plant Room environmental monitoring packages. These offer the convenience of providing everything required to protect a plant room from water ingress and gas leaks. There are a number of different versions designed to meet the requirements of most Plant Room environments. Click on the image below to get more information on which package is best suited for your project.

Plant room water leak detection