Major Water Leak Detection Products

The WDP LeakSaver product monitors the flow of water running through a pipe. This system is used to meet the requirements of building sustainability. The alarm panel is connected to water meters that send pulses relating to water usage. The panel is programmed with the expected amount of water used based on the type of building, the occupancy and the amount of facilities using water, if the flow of water exceeds this setting an alarm will be triggered.

The WDP LeakSaver is a water leak detection system which is capable of detecting a major water leak on the mains water supply within the building and between the building and the utilities water meter. It monitors the amount of water passing into the building over a set period of time. Should this amount be exceeded it will create an alarm It is used when there is external pipe work between the boundary and the building. This enables the distinction between a leak outside (usually underground) and one inside the building.

The WDP LeakSaver can also be used for “Water Monitoring”. The aim is to manage water and encourage reductions in consumption. A pulsed water meter is required on all mains supplies and on the supply to any building using more than 10% of the total water consumption. The WDP LeakSaver connects to the water meter/s and to the Building Management System to monitor the amount of water used.

Flow Based Water Leak Detectors

WDP LeakSaver

£1,898.00 (excl VAT)

The WDP LeakSaver has been specifically designed to achieve the requirements for consumption and major leak detection.  It monitors the flow of water using water meters positioned at the boundary and where the MCWS enters the building.  Let us help you specify the right system for your project.

Major Water Leak Detection

PIR Flow Control For WC’s

£112.00 (excl VAT)

Automatic flow control for WC areas using PIR sensors connected to WRAS approved solenoid valves.  This effective proven solution offers reliability and easy installation at a reasonable cost.

The system has been designed to detect major water leak detection and prevention, the key points being:

An alarm is raised when the flow of water (measured using pulsed water metres) exceeds a pre-set maximum for a pre-set period of time. It is able to identify different flow rates by programming high and/or low levels over different time periods. It is fully programmable to suit the users water consuming requirements and has the ability to avoid false alarms when larger volumes of water are called for.