Reliable Protection Against Damage From Water Leaks

Installing a LeakStop or LeakStopper 1 immediately offers protection against water leaks minimising damage and down time. These simple to install, simple to operate single zone water leak detection alarms use sensors to detect the presence of water in areas where it shouldn’t be. The LeakStop and LeakStopper 1 come with a range of outputs ideal for connecting to a BMS or shutoff valves. These leak detection alarms are the preferred solution to protect tea points, comms rooms, plant rooms and WC areas. Our packages include everything required; the alarm panel, the cables and if required the optional valve. We also supply multizone water leak detection systems to cover large areas or multiple areas simultaneously.

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Single Zone Water Leak Detection Alarms

LeakStop Single Zone Alarm

£308.00 (excl VAT)

The Leak-Stop detects the presence of water in environments where it shouldn’t be.  Perfect for use in tea points, WC areas, smaller comms/server rooms and plant rooms.

Single Zone Water Leak Detection Alarms

LeakStopper 1 – Single Zone Water Leak Detection


Build your own bespoke single zone leak detection system using the LeakStopper 1 alarm panel. Add sensor tape, probes and pads to fit the environment where you need to detect water leaks. Comes with battery back up.