Pump Control Panels

Pump Control Panel for Package Pump Stations from Envirotech Alarms Ltd.  We offer one of the most cost effective twin pump alternating control panels available in the UK.

Twin alternating control panels for the control of submerged pumps in packaged pump stations.

Everything required to connect 2 pumps offering alternating and simultaneity control of the pumps.  The pumps are connected to AVEL alternating relays that control the pump duty cycle.  A 3 position toggle switch controls the mode allowing “Automatic”, “Pump On” and “Pump Off” settings.

The control panels are connected to float switches and pressure switches so that any high levels and loss or air pressure are detected.  As the liquid level in a tank rises a signal is sent to the control panel that switches on the first pump.  Should the level continue to increase to the next control point, the second pump starts.  Both will then continue running until the level drops back to an acceptable level.

Pump Control Panels

Pump Control panel, Key Product Features

  • 30x25x14cm ABS box.
  • AVEL alternating relay.
  • Buzzer and light alarms.
  • Optional SMS dialler.
  • Power circuit protection.
  • Overload trip.

The dual pump control panel offers pump protection should the levels drop to a critically low point.  This prevents the pumps from running dry and stops any damage occurring.

All control panels have a circuit breaker on the power circuit to protect against faults as well as overload protection.

Monitoring of the pumps is easy with a number of signal lamps showing green against which pump is on, or red should an overload or alarm occur.

Two versions of the twin pump alternating control panel are available.  Both have the same internal functions, with the “XL” version incorporating a power isolation switch that will cut the supply as soon as the panel door is opened.

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