New Pump Control Panels

Envirotech Alarms are pleased to inform you that we now have a great range of pump control panels for the control and protection of submersible pumps used in packaged pump stations.

We have pump control panels for use with dual pumping stations as well as a single pump version. All our control panels offer reassuring protection against short circuit and overload problems as well as flexible pump control at the most competitive prices. Our duel pump panel has an alternating pump control feature that will automatically switch between the two pumps reducing long duty cycles. This offers greater protection for each pump as the length of time they are in continuous use is greatly reduced. Whenever a pump is called for to start pumping liquid, this will remain running until the levels drop to a satisfactory level. The next time the levels rise and a pump is required to start, it will be the other that comes on. This alternating pump switching is continued every time the fluid levels rise and fall in the tank. Should for any reason the levels rise to a critically high amount, both pumps will automatically kick in to eject the liquid at a higher volume and much faster.

pump control panel - alternating control boxAll the panels use solid state technology as apposed to PCB electronics allowing the installation of any spare parts to be easy and low cost. There are 240V and 400V versions available and any submersible pumps can be connected to them regardless of the current rating required. Pump overload protection is achieved using a suitably rated overload relay that will switch should a problem occur and the pump tries to draw more current that what it’s been designed for. Should the pump overload the alarm panels will shut down the power to it and show the problem via a warning light and sounder.

All panels have manual override and pump off facilities as well as the capability to connect to SMS text diallers and land line voice messaging alarms. Incorporating a system that can automatically send a text or voice message should a problem occur is especially useful when a quick response is required or the premises with the packaged pump station isn’t always occupied.

A recent project for a luxury housing complex in Barbados

This required dual pump control connected to SMS text diallers. As the properties weren’t permanently occupied it was critical that any problems could be highlighted immediately and a local tradesperson instructed to visit the house. Each property had a multi state sewage treatment plant installed that required an air compressor to pump air into one or more of the chambers and two heavy duty submersible pumps. The dual pump control panel was selected and connected to a series of float switches that defined when the liquid levels were such that the pumps started and to detect if there was a high level issue. In addition to this a relay was included that when connected to the signal output on the air blower would send an alarm on pressure drop. Both the high level alarm and the pressure loss alarm where linked to an SMS text dialler that had been set up to send a bespoke message depending on what the problem was.

Envirotech Alarms pump control panels are competitively priced, use solid state technology and we hold a good stock for fast delivery, contact us to find out more.

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