Rainwater Harvesting Tank Control System.

Designed to connect to a float switch inside the rainwater harvesting tank.  When the float switch drops due to a lack of rainwater, it will trigger the control panel to open a valve allowing mains water to flow in.

Product Features

  • Connects to a float switch for monitoring liquid level.
  • Automatically open and closes a valve.
  • Timer ensures that the tank isn’t over filled
  • Automatically resets after fluid levels rise.
  • Can be connected to external beacons and sounders.

As the fluid levels drop the float switch drops until it reaches a point where a contact is made.  This contact signals to the panel that the fluid levels are low and the control panel activates.  In order to prevent too much mains water entering the tank an internal timer starts as soon as the mains water starts to flow.  Once a specified amount of time has passed the control panel will instruct the valve to close.  When the levels drop  again the process is repeated.

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Product Sheet

or see our other products for monitoring fluid levels in tanks. We have high level alarms that use float switches to detect rising levels in septic tanks and SMS diallers that will send a text message when a high level is reached.

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