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Because it uses wireless connectivity there’s no need to run unsightly wires around

the property and installation is fast and easy. Simply fit the alarm panel, plug it in, position the sensor probes in the kitchen, bathrooms or any other vulnerable area and your done. There’s also an option to connect a shut off valve that will automatically close and stop any more water from escaping. Damage limitation, property protection and one less thing to worry about, what more could you want!


For further information about the LeakTracker click on this link or please get in touch with our technical team for expert advice and costs.

Ydrostopydroteq water flow monitoring and shut off device

The Ydrostop is an automatic water shut off valve which immediately shuts off the water supply in case of a break in the water pipe. In addition, it prevents unnecessary water consumption, depending on a preset time (from 15 minutes up to 2 hours), the water supply will be cut off in case of a leak or uninterrupted water consumption.



We also have a wide range of other water leak detection and prevention products, such as a traditional wiredsystem that use a sensor tape. Full details of everything we supply are available on our shop.