Complete home and basement water leak detection package

This is a complete system designed to be installed in basements and critical areas of the house  to protect them against water leaks.  It is an easy to install system that uses a 3m sensor tape positioned (generally) against the skirting or under an area where water leaks would cause critical damage.  Should water touch the tape at any point, the alarm will trigger switching a relay connected to a valve that will switch the water off immediately a leak occurs.

The Envirotech Alarms Ltd home protection kit includes everything required to protect your home from the devastating effects of water leaks.  It works on the principle that water (unless purified) contains contaminants such as ions and salts and it’s these within the water that are conductive.  The sensors (conductors) used for leak detection are separated by a carrier and the water acts as a path for very low electrical signal to pass from one to the other.  It is this action that triggers the alarm.

or see our other Water Leak Detection packages, Envirotech Alarms Ltd have complete kits available for a wide range of applications, including tea points, comms rooms, data centres and pub basements.

The Home Protection package has been designed to keep installation as simple and easy as possible.  Everything you need comes in the package and we offer free telephone support should you wish to ask us anything about installing or using the product.

Home and basement kit features:

  • Detects water in areas where it shouldn’t be.
  • Complete package includes everything needed.
  • Auto shut-off valve switches off the water should a leak occur.
  • Optional external sounder/beacon.
  • Includes 3m of sensor tape.
  • Optional actuated ball valve.