YdroStop Leak Prevention

£249.90 (excl VAT)

  • Adjustable timing mechanism, configurable from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Automatic reset, once water leak has been fixed or running tap turned off.
  • No electricity required for operation. No need to worry about batteries or power sources.
  • Simple installation – immediately after the mains stop cock or elsewhere on the incoming cold water pipe.
  • Materials comply with international standards for drinking-water quality.
  • Includes a non-return valve.

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    • YdroStop works like a fuse in your plumbing system to reduce the risk of serious flooding in the event that a pipe bursts or a tap is left on.
    • YdroStop shuts off the water supply if it detects persistent continuous water flow, a leak, or a burst pipe.
    • Ideal for houses, flats, holiday homes, small commercial buildings and farms.
    • When it detects a sudden pipe burst, it shuts off the water supply immediately.
    • In response to continuous water flow (leaks, taps running, etc.), YdroStop shuts off the water after a pre-set amount of time.
    • Prevents unnecessary water consumption due to leaks or open taps, saving money and helping to protect the environment.
    • Does not require electricity to operate. No need to monitor battery life or worry about power outages.


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