Combined Sounder / Beacon

£121.00 (excl VAT)

See our range of external beacon/sounder panels to suit every environment.  Designed to work with any Envirotech Alarm panel to offer remote alarm signalling.  Great for areas where the audio/visual output on the main panel may not be seen or heard.  Powered through the main alarm panel using a 12VDC supply, eliminating the need to use a NICEIC approved electrician.
Simple plug and play connection makes it easy to install.  Super bright flashing LED beacon can be seen from far away (full range that the beacon can be seen is over 30m).  102dB sounder (measured at 1m from the panel) meaning it will be heard at a good distance away.  Automatically resets when the leak has been fixed and the master panel is clear.  IP65 rated enclosure allows it to be installed in most semi protected environments even outside in sheltered areas.

  • Repeats an alarm from a main alarm panel.
  • Beacon only version available.
  • Sounder only version available.
  • 102dB Sounder.
  • Super bright beacon visible for over 30m
  • Powered directly from the main alarm panel.

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