Fixed Line Telephone Dialler

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The Speech Dialler is a monitoring system designed to be used with leak detection systems and in sewage treatment plants. It alerts the user should a situation occur. A voice message is sent to warn of the problem allowing immediate action to be taken.

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The Speech Dialler can plug into a standard phone socket and will send a voice message to up to 8 different number.  There are 4 inputs, each of which can have a different voice or text message.  The alarm panel can be connected to a float switch to monitor for high fluid levels as well as other critical areas that require monitoring.

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There are 4 inputs on the AutoDialler that can be used independandly. Each input or channel can have its' own bespoke voice message.

Phone Numbers

A total of 8 different phone numbers can be programmed into the AutoDialler.


The AutoDialler connects to any standard NTE5 standard landline phone socket.


A battery backup is available for the AutoDialler.

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