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GasHunter Multizone – Multi-Zone Gas Leak Detector


A multizone alarm panel designed to detect the presence of a range of different gases using leak detection sensors installed in areas where a leak may go undetected.

The Gas-Hunter multizone alarm panel has been designed to connect to a variety of gas sensor probes specifically calibrated to detect the following: Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Ozone, Hydrogen, LPG (R290), Natural Gas (methane), Ammonia, R32, R134a, R410a, VOCs and Carbon Dioxide.

Main Features:

  • A multizone alarm panel available in a range between 2 and 8 zones (for greater zone requirements use the LeakMonitor alarm).
  • Helps reduce the risk of refrigerant gas leaks escaping into the environment.
  • More than one type of gas can be monitored at the same time.
  • Single and dual level gas leak detection.
  • Comes with individual zone relays as standard, to allow connection to the BMS, diallers and beacon/sounders.
GasHunter Multizone Product Information pdf

GasHunter Multizone Manual pdf

Natural Gas Sensor pdf

Refrigerant Gas Sensor pdf
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