Plant Room Environmental Detection Package

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Buy a complete environmental monitoring package for your Plant room.  The Leakstopper 2 alarm can detect water and gas leaks simultaneously.  Idea for small to medium rooms (larger rooms can be accommodated with the addition of extra sensors – please use the ADDONS below or contact us to specify and price).  The kit includes a LeakStopper 2 alarm panel, connection cables, 4 x sensor probes and an external beacon.  Gas leak detection is an option, please contact us to specify what type of gas is used and for a price.

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    This is a complete environmental monitoring package designed for Plant rooms to detect water and gas leaks.  The package is made up of a 2 zone alarm panel connected to water leak detection sensor probes, with an optional gas sensor if required.  Zone 1 will continuously monitor for the presence of a water leak derived from faulty equipment, bad connections or leaking pipes.  Zone 2 is connected to an optional gas sensor capable of detecting natural gas, refrigerant gas, CO2, or CO.  Water leak detection is especially important in a Plant rooms as the potential damage caused by water coming into contact with essential equipment can have devastating consequences to the functionality of a building.  Gas monitoring can be used as an early warning to a problem with the cooling or heating system and for safety reasons.  In the case of both water and gas detection, an early alert indicating there’s a leak will allow fast remedial action to happen and limit the down time of equipment needed to heat, cool and provide water services to the building.

    Additional information

    LeakStopper 2

    A 2 zone environmental alarm panel with battery back up and output relays. One zone dedicated to water leak detection and one dedicated to gas leak monitoring.

    Sensor Probe

    Robust height adjustable water leak detection probe ideal for using in plant room environments where the environment can be prone to contaminants and foot fall trip hazards.

    Gas Sensor

    Gas leak detection is offered as an option. There are two different types of gas leak sensor, one for refrigerant gas (R134a, R404a, R407C, R410a) and another for natural gas, CO2, CO and methane detection. The type of gas requiring detection needs to be specified as the sensors are calibrated in the factory.

    Beacon and Sounders

    The Plant Room kit comes with an external beacon as standard. This is normally positioned outside of the plant room to alert that an alarm has been triggered. Often the main alarm panel is housed in the room and there is normally limited access available, so having an external alert is essential to knowing there's a problem.

    SMS Text Dialler

    This is an option that you may want to add on to your plant room package. It can be connected directly to the main alarm panel and should an alarm be triggered, a text message will be sent to a number of programmed phone numbers. Having an additional SMS text dialler can offer 24/7 coverage even when no one is on site.

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