Pump Control Panel (Single Pump)

£217.00 (excl VAT)

25 x 20 x 14cm ABS plastic box with hinges and transparent polycarbonate viewing pane.
Contactor and overload relay.
Automatic/manual/off mode controlled by a 3 position toggle switch.
Buzzer and light alarms controlled by a 3 position toggle switch with rubber cap keeping the alarm in automatic, test or off mode.
Connection for remote start/stop connection.
Remote control connection for alarm (pressure switch, float switch).
Protection of the power circuit by a circuit breaker.
Protection of the power circuit against overloads.
Running motor indication (yellow signal lamp).
Overload trip indication (red signal lamp).
Alarm on indication (red signal lamp).
4 cable glands for connection cables.
Easy integration to SMS telemetry system.



Control and protection of water pump used in pumping stations with 1 pumps. Includes adjustable overload relay to allow setting to pump motor rating and automatically turns off the pump should the rating be exceeded.  Whenever the alarm control closes a buzzer and light will come on. There is also a manual mode that allows the pump to be turned on and off as required.

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25 x 20 x 14cm ABS plastic box

Power Requirements

230V 50Hz single phase or 400V 50Hz three phase

Pumps Overload Ratings

1.8 to 2.8A / 2.8 to 4.0A / 4.0 to 6.3A / 5.6A to 8.0A / 7 to 10A / 8 to 12A

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