Pump Control Panel (Single Pump)

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For the control and protection of submersible pumps found in packaged pump stations.  Protects the power circuit against shorts using a circuit breaker.  The pump is protected against overloads using a rated overload relay according to the rating of the pump being used.
230v and 400v versions available.
The pump is automatically switched on when the liquid in the tank rises, lifting the “Pump Start” float  switch. As the level drops the float switch detects this and the pump is switched off.
A  float switch is used to detect when the level reaches a critically high level and an  alarm is raised.  Should an overload occur, the pump will automatically switch  off and a red signal lamp on the panel will come on.  Compatible with SMS text diallers and landline autodiallers alerting the owner to a problem no matter where they are.  The control panel can also be used  to manually switch the pump on  and off.  Only solid state components  are used as apposed to PCB electronics.

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25 x 20 x 14cm ABS plastic box with hinges and transparent polycarbonate viewing pane.
Contactor and overload relay.
Automatic/manual/off mode controlled by a 3 position toggle switch.
Buzzer and light alarms controlled by a 3 position toggle switch with rubber cap keeping the alarm in automatic, test or off mode.
Connection for remote start/stop connection.
Remote control connection for alarm (pressure switch, float switch).
Protection of the power circuit by a circuit breaker.
Protection of the power circuit against overloads.
Running motor indication (yellow signal lamp).
Overload trip indication (red signal lamp).
Alarm on indication (red signal lamp).
4 cable glands for connection cables.
Easy integration to SMS telemetry system.

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25 x 20 x 14cm ABS plastic box

Power Requirements

230V 50Hz single phase or 400V 50Hz three phase

Pumps Overload Ratings

1.8 to 2.8A / 2.8 to 4.0A / 4.0 to 6.3A / 5.6A to 8.0A / 7 to 10A / 8 to 12A

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