Pump Control Panel XL (Alternating)

£847.00 (excl VAT)

Control and protection of water pumps used in pumping stations with 2 pumps.

Power insolation that cuts the electricity supply when the door to the control panel is opened.

Pumps alternate over duty cycle controlled by AVEL alternating relay.

Includes adjustable overload relays to allow setting to pump motor ratings and automatically turns off the corresponding pump should the rating be exceeded.  There is an automatic mode that turns on the first pump when the fluid level reaches control point 1.  Pump 2 starts when the fluid level reaches control point 2.  Both pumps will remain on until the fluid level drops to a stop control level. There is also a safety control that turns off the pumps to protect them should the levels get to a critically low point.

Whenever the alarm control closes a buzzer and light will come on.

There is also a manual mode that allows the pumps to be turned on and off as required.

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415 x 170 x 30cm grey steel box.
Contactor and motor circuit breakers.
General power switch.
Command and alarm signalling module.
Alternating and simultaneity control by (AVEL) alternating relay.
Automatic ON, OFF and test function for acoustic alarm.
Automatic, on or off mode system control for each pump.
Connection with reduced tension (12v) for remote start control and stoppage of pumps.
Motor start/stop control connection with reduced tension (12v).Remote safety control connection with reduced tension.
Safety control connection with reduced tension (12v).
Alarm control connection with reduced tension (12v).
Protection against phase change or phase failure by a (Avel) phase sequence/failure relay.
Protection of the power circuit by a circuit breaker.
Protection of the power circuit against overloads.
Phase presence indication (yellow signal lamp).
Running motor individual indication (Green signal lamp).
Overload trip individual indication (Red signal lamp).
Running alarm indication (red signal lamp).
7 cable glands for connection cables.

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