Repeater Panel

£90.00 (excl VAT)

Use an Echo Repeater panel when the main alarm panel is in an uncontrolled area and could potentially not be heard. It mimics an alarm condition on the main panel, sounding a buzzer and illuminating a warning light to say that a leak has occurred. Can be used together with any of the Envirotech Alarms leak detection alarm panels. Especially good for using in reception areas or security offices, where a less intrusive alert is more appropriate.

  • 20dB audible buzzer (measured next to the panel) meaning it will be heard without offending anyone else in the vicinity.
  • Mute button silences the sounder leaving the LED illuminated until the leak has been fixed and the master panel cleared.
  • Less intrusive that the sounder/beacon option making it ideal for installing in a reception area or a security office.

Powered through the main alarm panel using a 12VDC supply, eliminating the need to use a NICEIC approved electrician.  Simple plug and play connection makes it easy to install.  LED alarm indicator shows the main panel has gone into alarm.

  • Repeats an alarm from a main alarm panel.
  • Sounds an audible alarm.
  • illuminates a visual alarm.
  • Mute button to silence the alarm.
  • Can be mounted upto 100m from main panel

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