Single Zone Gas Leak Detector – GasHunter 1

The GasHunter 1 is a single zone gas leak detector. These alarm panels have the capability to detect the presence of refrigerant gas and help meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01 for reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from leaks. Ideal for installing on external condensers, AHUs condensing units, compressor housings and chillers.   Adjustable alarm thresholds allow for multi level settings enabling staged alarm settings to give pre-alarm and a full  alarm monitoring.

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    A single or series of gas leak detection sensors can be connected to the alarm panel. The sensors are mounted in any area where refrigerant gases are used and monitor continuously for the presence of gas. In the event of a leak, the gas will be detected immediately and the alarm panel will trigger.

    Where systems using refrigerants are contained in a moderately air tight enclosure (or a mechanically ventilated plant room), and an automated permanent refrigerant leak detection system is installed covering high-risk parts of the plant OR where a refrigerant leakage/charge loss detection system is specified, which is not based on the principle of detecting or measuring the concentration of refrigerant in air.

    • Simple uncomplicated system for gas detection.
    • Can detect refrigerant gases.
    • Helps meet the requirements of BREEAM POL01.
    • Volt free relays can be used to switch off valves.

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