SMS text dialler for package pump stations

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The SMS telemetry alarm for use with package pump stations and septic tanks.  Receive an early warning by text that a problem has occurred and avoid unnecessary issues.  Monitor liquid levels to ensure that they don’t rise above a critical level by attaching the SMS dialler to a float switch.  Link the system to the pump control panel and receive a text alert should a pump fail.  Where an air compressor or air blower is used in a sewage treatment plant it is possible to install a pressure switch on the air supply line and monitor for loss of air.

The SMS Text dialler is a capture all alarm capable of connecting to a float switch, monitor for pump fail or a pressure switch (up to two different inputs can be connected).  Each input can be set to have a different text message to alert the recipient as to what the problem is.

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    The SMS text dialler has 2 inputs with the capacity to send text messages to as many as 512 different numbers.  It comes in a 230VAC and 12VDC version and can easily be incorporated into a control panel or used as a stand alone fluid level monitoring system.  All settings are done by sending simple text messages to the SMS dialler (as few as 6 messages can have the system up and running in no time at all).  This intuitive easy setting makes the system perfect for the end user to set-up and modify or your engineer to make changes from anywhere in the UK.  The alarm panels use all mobile networks and require either a Pay As You Go or contract SIM.  These are simply inserted into the card holder, a device attached such as a float switch and the power connected to have the system ready for action.  Should a situation occur that triggers an alarm, the SMS dialler will register which input the alarm is on (high level, pressure loss etc.) and send an appropriate message to the specified numbers listed.

    Additional information

    Additional Information

    All the SMS diallers have an internal relay in them. This can be used to connect to an external device such as a beacon or sounder. It can also be intregrated into the pump control panel and is used to alert to a power fail. In the event of a power out, the SMS alarm can send a text message, should the power return after a short period of time, a second message will be sent to say all is OK. This is especially useful if an area is particularly prone to frequent short power cuts as only extended loss of power could cause a problem.


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