Water Leak Detection Single Zone Alarm Panels

Reliable Protection Against Damage From Water Leaks

Installing a LeakStop or LeakStopper 1 immediately offers protection against water leaks minimising damage and down time. This simple to install, simple to operate single zone water leak detection alarm uses sensors to detect the presence of water is areas where it shouldn’t be. The LeakStop and LeakStopper 1 come with a range of outputs ideal for connecting to a BMS or solenoid shutoff valves. This leak detection alarm is the preferred solution to protect tea points, small comms rooms, plant rooms and WC areas. Check out our complete solution packages for Tea Points, Comms Rooms and Basement Areas.  Our packages include everything required to protect these areas,the alarm panel, the cables and the valve.  We also supply multizone water leak detection systems.

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Water Leak Detection Single Zone Alarm Panel
Leakstopper 1 Water Leak Detection Alarm
Tea Point Leak Detection Alarm
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Envirotech Alarms have over 30 years combined experience in providing water leak detection solutions. The LeakStop range offers entry level protection for smaller applications such as Tea Points and basement areas.  There is a dedicated relay output for connecting to a valve as well as a volt free relay that can be used for the BMS or other external device such as a beacon or SMS dialler, the LeakStop range does not come with a battery backup.  The LeakStopper 1 has been developed for more commercial appications such as larger comms rooms, plant rooms and office toilet blocks.  It has a battery backup as standard as well as two 8 amp volt free relays, line fault monitoring and power fail signalling.  Both water leak detection alarms are used for applications that require immediate action when a leak occurs. They can both be used with a sensor tape, probe or pad (or a combination of these) to alert that a leak has occurred as soon as water touches them. The sensors can be used in awkward and hard to get to locations where a water leak may otherwise go unnoticed for a long period of time. Many locations need to cover an area (usually where the pipes run) and sensor tape can be used to track underneath these offering 100% coverage. Water leak detection is critical in areas that should a leak occur the water would damage sensitive electronic equipment or affect a neighboring property.

Single Zone Water Leak Detector Features

  • Detects the presence of water and outputs an alarm.
  • Perfect for use in tea points, WC areas, smaller comms rooms and plant rooms.
  • Can be connected to sensor tape, sensor probes or sensor pads.
  • More than one sensor can be connected in series.
  • BMS interface via a volt free relay output.
  • Additional relay output as standard for connection to valves, beacon/sounders, remote repeater panels and diallers.
  • Cable fault monitoring outputs a separate alarm should the cable become damaged or a connector is pulled apart.
  • Easy to install utilising push fit terminal connectors, minimal commissioning and maintenance required.

Envirotech Alarms offer a unique number of outputs as standard making the LeakStop and LeakStopper 1 the most flexible, cost effective systems on the market. Options include solenoid shutoff valves, sounder/beacon panels, SMS diallers and Echo repeater panels used to mimic the alarm in a different part of the building such as the reception or security office. Or find out about our multizone detectors here.

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