The solution to residential leak detection

For as long as we can remember the construction industry has been crying out for the golden egg of water leak detection for residential properties. Finally there’s something we can offer that will tick all the boxes. The new Imrita water leak detection alarm combines the advantages of a flow monitoring system with the immediacy of a sensor based system.

To put it simply, an entire property can be covered by the flow monitoring, with that all important extra layer of protection being provided by the remote (wireless) sensor probes. By placing the probes in the most vulnerable areas in the property, should there be a leak and water comes into contact with the probes it will alarm and switch off the water. To protect the rest of the property, the flow of water on the incoming main is constantly being monitored by the water leak detector. The volume and time of any continuous flow of water is compared to user set threshold limits. If these are exceeded, again there will be an alarm and the water will shut off.

Here are some of the features available with the Imrita:

  • Automatic water shut off for the mains cold water supply.
  • Battery backup in case of power loss.
  • Manual override for valve operation.
  • Holiday function that will switch off the valve if no water flow is detected after a pre-set number of days (user defined).
  • Valve exercise feature to automatically close and open the valve periodically.
  • Adjustable constant flow monitoring in time and volume.
  • Setting to detect a burst pipe or failed fitting.
  • Small leak detection setting (a minimum flow of 5 litres/hour).
  • Easy user interface via alarm unit and App.
  • Wireless remote sensor probes for instant water leak detection in vulnerable areas.
  • 240V power supply
  • E-Water App allows remote control of valve operation and editing of the parameter settings.