Water Leak Detection Sensors

The principle of operation is the same for all the sensor types:

Water (unless purified) contains contaminants such as ions and salts and it’s this within the water that’s conductive. The sensors (conductors) used for leak detection are separated by a carrier and the water acts as a path for a very low electrical current to pass from one to the other, this action triggers the alarm.

Water Leak Detection Sensors

Product Features

  • Sensor cable available in 1m, 2m, 5m and 10m lengths.
  • Maximum total sensor tape length 100m.
  • Multiple sensor probes/pads can be connected in series.
  • Catch overflowing tanks quickly with the tee sensor.

The Sensor Pad:  Simple to install and ideal for putting in drip trays under AHUs or any kind of condensing AC unit where the build up of liquid can have a detrimental effect on the adjacent equipment.  This water leak detection pad can be connected in series allowing a number of drip trays close to each other to be covered on the same alarm panel or zone.

The Sensor Probe:  Protected by a strong casing, the sensor probe is ideal for using in environments where other sensor types could be damaged.  A single point monitoring device, the sensor probe can be connected in series to cover a number of places with the same alarm panel.  The sensor probe is height adjustable and are often found located where there is a bunded floor with a low point (often running to a drain).

The Sensor Tape:  This is most commonly used where an area needs to be covered for water leaks as any contact with water along the length of the tape will trigger an alarm.  Examples would be under the raised floor in a data centre, around the periphery of a plant room or strapped under a flow and return pipe.

The Tee Sensor:  Designed specifically to be installed in a pipe, the tee sensor will alert you to the presence of water in the pipe (when it should not really be there). Applications for this sensor include the overflow pipe on a break tank, where on detecting water the alarm panel can close valves and switch off pumps to prevent the escape of water.

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