Damage and loss due to leaks can have a massive impact on the smooth running of a business. Fire and intruder alarms are installed without a thought, yet the devastation caused by a significant leak can have an equally disruptive impact. Fitting a water leak detector from Envirotech Alarms will prevent the damage caused in the event of a leak in your property, as well as any neighbouring properties that could be affected.


Sensor and Flow Based Technology

There are two ways to detect liquid, a system that uses sensors to detect the presence of water where it shouldn’t be, or a flow-based system that compares consumption against the expected usage such as monitoring for a pipeline leak.  Our water leak alarms work using both methods.

We also manufacture gas leak and oil leak systems.

Envirotech Alarms’ LeakStopper leak detectors use a variety of sensors (tape, probes, pads) that trigger an alarm as soon as fluid touches them. This type of system is used to protect AHUs and CRAC units used in Data Centres and Comms Rooms as well as Plant Rooms, Tea Points, Flow and Return Pipework, toilet blocks and shower rooms. We supply complete kits for many popular applications.

The LeakSaver product monitors the flow of water running through a pipe. This system is used to meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT02 (monitoring consumption) and WAT03 (Detection). The alarm panel is connected to water meters that send pulses relating to usage. The panel is programmed with the expected amount of liquid used based on the type of building, the occupancy and the number of facilities using it.  If the flow exceeds this setting an alarm will be triggered to alert you and prevent excessive consumption.

The principle of water detection in all situations is the same.  Any sensor, be it a tape, a probe or a pad detects leaks by sensing a tiny electrical current transmitted through the imperfections contained naturally in the water. As soon as it has been detected, the alarm panel sounds a buzzer and illuminates an LED indicating which zone has the problem. In addition to this, the panel will switch a number of different relays that can be used to connect to a BMS, valves, remote sounder/beacons and text messaging panels.

Common alarm relays will signal when any zone has detected a leak, a fault with the cabling or any of the sensors or that the power has failed. There are also individual alarm relays for each zone fitted as standard, enabling valves to be connected that will switch off the supply for that specific area.

In addition to helping achieve BREEAM compliance for buildings and improving water conservation, the price of our water leak detector systems will far outweigh the cost associated with a leak going undetected for any length of time.  This is particularly important in high-value environments, such as a data centre or server room.

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There are significant benefits when protecting against water leaks.  Particularly in high-risk areas such as basements, where our alarm systems can be used in combination with other protective methods such as the Waterguard basement waterproofing system

While nothing can be done to completely prevent leaks from happening, our system can identify the fault immediately. The alarm panel can then cut the flow and notify you that the incident has occurred via alarms, beacons or SMS, enabling you to take action at the first possible opportunity, safe in the knowledge that no further damage will be done in the meantime.

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Below are a few examples of where and how Envirotech water, oil and gas detecting systems have been used.

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