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Keeping things simple is at the core of our approach to supplying leak detectors.

From specifying to buying we have easy solutions every step of the way. Take a look at one of our package solutions designed to provide everything needed to protect a Tea Point, Comms Room, Plant Room or Basement from water leaks. All of our packages come supplied with all the parts needed for installation – the water leak alarm panel, the connection cables and the sensors (tape, probes or pads). Either order from our online shop or simply call and speak to a specialist.

Envirotech Alarms also supply multizone detectors suited to much larger commercial and residential properties including those which require BREEAM compliance. Our product range can be seen below:

We always aim to dispatch every water leak detector as quickly as possible from our stock, usually on a next day delivery, depending on the time the order is placed. The box arrives at the delivery point with everything needed for the installation engineer, meaning they don’t have to break off the job to source any additional material, saving hours of wasted time.

Complete leak detection kits

No.1 Product

A complete water leak detection system for tea points, coffee stations and kitchens.  Comes complete with alarm panel, 3m of sensor tape and connection cables,  Can also be connected to an optional valve to automatically switch off the water.

A complete leak detection package designed to protect small to medium Comms Rooms from being damaged by water.  Includes an alarm panel, connection cables, 20m of sensor tape and an external beacon.

Buy a complete environmental monitoring package for your plant room.  This versatile alarm can monitor for water and gas leaks simultaneously or just water where no gas is present.

A complete kit of parts to protect a basement area from unexpected water leaks and prevent costly damage to your property. The package Includes an alarm panel, 3m sensor tape, 3m connection cable and an optional shutoff valve.

Installing a pub cellar leak detection package can help prevent valuable stock from being destroyed.  The kit includes a LeakStop alarm panel, 10m of connection cable and a leak detection sensor probe.

Single and multizone systems

pipe leaking onto sensor cable

Where a standard package isn’t appropriate, we also offer bespoke solutions which prevent water damage to your property.

Our range of single and multizone detectors enable our specialists to help you design the best system to meet your specific requirements, from the smallest single point to large buildings with multiple zones needing protection. Our entire product range will work with any of our water sensor tapes (available in 1m lengths up to 100m), water sensor probes or pad sensors. All panels come with volt free relay outputs as standard, which means connecting to external devices such as a BMS or valves to automatically shut off the water supply couldn’t be simpler.

Envirotech Alarms solutions are built up by selecting the number of areas requiring protection from water damage. This determines which alarm panel is needed, with each area being a zone, our panels range from a single zone up to 200 separate zones. The type of sensor required will depend on the environment being protected.

  • Water sensor tape is used to cover a large area where should a leak occur and water touches the tape at any point along its’ length, an alarm will be triggered.
  • Water sensor probes are used in environments where a more robust solutions may be needed, such as in a Plant Room.
  • Water sensor pads tend to be used where space is limited, such as in drip trays.

Our systems can be completed by adding any optional external devices, including automatic shut off valves, beacons and sounders, text diallers and repeater panels, all available from Envirotech Alarms.


The Leak-Stop detects the presence of water in environments where it shouldn’t be.  Perfect for use in tea points, WC areas, smaller comms/server rooms and plant rooms.

Build your own bespoke single zone leak detection system using the LeakStopper 1 alarm panel. Add sensor tape, probes and pads to fit the environment where you need to detect water leaks. Comes with battery back up.

Combine all your leak detection zones in one place with our reliable LeakStopper multizone alarm panels.  Protect from 2 to 16 areas (above this please see our LeakMonitor intelligent alarm system).

The LeakMonitor can monitor up to 400 zones by connecting to multiple outstations offering coverage across an entire area or building.  The location of any water leak is easy to see on the main alarm panel LCD display.

Flow based and BREEAM systems

We also offer a range of flow based water leak detectors, sometimes called a water pipe leak detector, that have been designed to meet the requirements for BREEAM WAT02/03. Our LeakSaver alarm can be used to monitor water flow at the boundary and at the point of entry to a building. It can be set to alarm should a predetermined threshold be exceeded, as well as connect to a BMS to monitor water consumption. If you do have a requirement for BREEAM WAT03, you may also be interested in our PIR flow control for WC areas. We supply flush and surface mount PIR sensors and all our shut off valves are fully WRAS approved.

Speak to one of our UK leak detection specialists about BREEAM requirements.

Combine the unique features of a flow and sensor based water leak detector alarm, with the new Imrita smart leak detector.  Ideal for houses, flats and apartments, this is the easy solution for contractors and individuals looking for a proven method for smart water leak detection. KiwaKUKreg4 Certified.

The Ydrostop automatic water shut off valve offers a unique mechanical solution for monitoring the flow of water running through a pipe.  Requiring no electrical power, it continuously checks the water flow against a user defined set period of time, if exceeded it will immediately shut off the water.

The WDP LeakSaver has been specifically designed to achieve the requirements for consumption and major leak detection.  It monitors the flow of water using water meters positioned at the boundary and where the MCWS enters the building.  Let us help you specify the right system for your project.

Automatic flow control for WC areas using PIR sensors connected to WRAS approved solenoid valves.  This effective proven solution offers reliability and easy installation at a reasonable cost.

Envirotech Alarms are proud to play our part in helping Water Aid provide clean water to everyone, no matter where they are!

Envirotech Alarms supports WaterAid

There are significant benefits when protecting property from water damage with a leak detector.

Particularly in high-risk areas such as basements, where our alarms can be used in combination with other protective methods such as a basement waterproofing membrane system.

While nothing can be done to completely prevent water leaks caused by damaged pipes, a central heating system or other water sources from happening, our leak detection systems can identify the fault immediately, cut the supply at the water meter and notify you via SMS, alarms or beacons. Essentially, this enables you to take action at the first possible opportunity, preventing further water damage and an unnecessary water bill.

Insurance companies may offer discounts to customers who have a water leak detection system installed to prevent property damage. In some instances where leaks have previously occurred and insurance claims were made, customers may find their insurance company now charge a premium if one isn’t fitted.

Examples of how our systems are used.