Why SMS Text Dialler?

SMS Text Diallers with 2 Inputs

The SMS Dialler can accept all the major network provider SIM cards and is fully programmable using text messages sent via mobile phone.

A separate message for each input can be sent for each input to a maximum of 512 different phone numbers.  Once in alarm, the message will be sent to each number in order until an acknowledgement text is sent.

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Sends a text message to up to 512 numbers when an EnviroTech Alarm panel goes into alarm.  Ideal for using where the main control panel is in an area that is unmanned or there is no out of hours personal.  Easy to configure via a mobile phone, no need to plug into a laptop or PC.  Can have up to 2 inputs on one dialler, each one can be configured with a different SMS message.  Powered through the main alarm panel using a 12VDC supply, eliminating the need to use a NICEIC approved electrician or direct from a 230VAC supply.  Simple plug and play connection makes it easy to install.  No need for a fixed land line so can be used in more remote locations.

The SMS Autodialer uses a standard SIM card inserted into the PCB and most larger network providers such as Vodafone and EE will work perfectly well.  Setting up the system is simply done by texting simple commands to the unit, e.g. Textnum (followed by the desired telephone number) and hitting send will store the first number the unit will text if triggered by an alarm.  Contract and PAYG SIMs can both be used, when using a PAYG the unit can be set up to send an automatic text every 28 days to prevent the SIM from expiring.

Product Features

  • Sends an SMS Text Message when the main alarm triggers
  • External beacon available visible for over 30m.
  • External 102bB sounder available.
  • Can be powered directly from the main alarm panel.
  • Separate messages one for each input
  • Dials upto 512 different numbers
  • There is an optional extended antenna for areas that suffer from low mobile signal levels.

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