(Wire)Less is More!

I’d like to introduce you to the new LeakTracker, wireless water leak detection alarm.  Yes that’s right, a water leak detection system that doesn’t require any connection cables, it’s got to be easier to install, right!

We developed the LeakTracker as we kept being told by our customers that they wanted a sensor based system, but for all sorts of reasons couldn’t run cables all over the place.  Well we thought, this sounds like a good opportunity and for us to make something that our customers are actually asking for.

We knew the technology was out there and we’d be able to harness it and that’s exactly what we’ve done.  We now have 2 versions of the LeakTracker, a 4 zone and an 8 zone, which allows us to offer different solutions depending on the size and facilities in the property.

As we’re using wireless connectivity it means that for example an apartment with a kitchen, utility room, bathroom and en-suite can have water leak detection installed with minimum interruption, really quickly.

If there is a leak, the LeakTracker can automatically close a valve, minimising the amount of damage to the property.