Connecting multiple valves to an alarm panel.

Current is measured in Amps, the more valves the more Amps will be drawn.  For

Water Flow Rate Explained

The graph below has been generated from calculations assuming the pipe is in good condition

Water Pressure Explained

Water pressure can be described as the force that water is pushed through a pipe

The solution to residential leak detection

For as long as we can remember the construction industry has been crying out for

We Can All Make a Difference

We’ve been posting our support for COP27 and thought that now is the time for

(Wire)Less is More!

I’d like to introduce you to the new LeakTracker, wireless water leak detection alarm.  Yes

Real Stories

It wasn’t obvious as we opened the front door, but our lives were about to

Comms Room Protection Extended

Envirotech Alarms have responded to customer feedback and developed a Comms Room environmental monitoring package