Tea Point Leak Detection Case Study

We were recently approached by the Environment Agency to price and then supply a Tea Point water leak detetction package for their offices in Leeds. This followed a problem with a macerator positioned under the sink that caused a leak into the offices below.leak detector is not visible in the kitchen

In order to ensure that there wouldn’t be a repeat of this situation, a leak detection system was needed. This had to immediately pick up the presence of water in the area and simultaniously switch off the water supply.

When the Environment Agency contacted us it was clear that the TeaPoint package was the best solution. It contains everything required to detect water, sound an alarm and switch off the water using a solenoid valve.

The benefits of buying the Tea Point package meant they received everything required to install a water leak detection system and be protected quickly and easily. Envirotech Alarms Ltd supply a range of complete leak detection packages, however in this instance the tea point one was the most suitable.

Tea Points can be particularly vulnerable areas where water leaks can occur. They are often situated on upper floors and any leaks would permiate down to the floor below. Damage limitation and peace of mind are achieved when fitting a Tea Point package and can often be a requirement of the buildings landlord.

leak detector in kitchenThe Tea Point package comes with a LeakStop alarm panel, 3m of connection cable, 3m of sensor tape, floor clips to hold the sensor tape in place under the kick board or raise floor area beneath the water services supplying the kitchen, a 15mm valve and electrical flex to connect to a fused spur and to connect to the valve.

This very popular water leak detection package has been used in many installations and has been proven to be an easy fit and forget solution.

If you have a project that requires water leak detection for a Tea Point, Coffee Station or vending area, contact us at Envirotech Alarms Ltd.