Leak Detection by Design



EnviroTech Alarms are the go to people when it comes to systems for water leak detection, oil leak detection, gas leak detectiontemperature monitoring and Sewage Treatment Plant alarms. We have everything you’ll need to protect your valuable assets from leaks. We can meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT02/03, protect an entire building with a multizone alarm or single area with one of our packages.

We offer exceptional value without compromising quality on all our products.  This is why we excel as a leading supplier of alarms for the packaged pump station industry.

We offer consultation for your projects, easy purchase options, installation support, commissioning and after sales service to ensure many years of trouble free, reliable use. Envirotech Alarms are a UK based business and manufacture all our products in England. We use the very best quality components and assembly techniques and pride ourselves on being easy to work with.  Our mission is to supply innovative products at sensible prices, quickly and reliably.


We are proud of the products we sell for water, oil and gas leak detection.  Our reputation as a leading provider of water leak detection alarms is growing all the time. When you purchase a leak detection alarm from us you get the best quality, reliability and value for money available. We don’t just say these things, we base them on what our customers tell us.  We believe in keeping things as easy as we can, from how we design our products to how simple it is for you to buy them.  So if it’s leak detection for water, oil or gas, we have a system that will meet your requirements.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out the “case studies” below.


Reliability at the right price is the winning combination we have to offer when it comes to equipment used in the sewage treatment industry.  Whether it’s a simple high level alarm, a pump control panel or an SMS text dialler, you can be sure that you’ll get 100% satisfaction. Our complementary product range not only performs but it looks fantastic too.  We already sell to many of the leading sewage treatment plant suppliers who tell us that our outstanding customer support is the reason they keep coming back.  Simple to install, integrate with other equipment and a full range of complimentary accessories make using us an easy choice.


We like to keep it as easy as possible for our customers, which is why we’ve put together a range of water leak detection packages.  All our packages come with everything required and our bundle pricing makes them a very cost effective option.  The popular Tea Point package has now been installed in well over 100 locations.  The Comms Room package has everything needed to protect your IT equipment.  Our Home Protection package is the ideal solution for preventing excessive damage in a basement or wet area and the Pub Cellar package will save you time and money in the event of a leak.

The case studies below demonstrate how our detection systems have already been applied in a variety of different situations



Your help and advice proved invaluable in helping us achieve Breeam compliance for the project, I look forwards to working with you on our next project.

I found speaking with Envirotech Alarms extremely useful, especially as I didn’t have very much experience of leak detection. Envirotech Alarms took the time to explain everything and even designed the right alarm system to suit my project

Very fast response to my enquiry, I had the quote within the hour. This level of service continued with the delivery arriving the very next day

Looking For A Leak Detection Alarm System?

Envirotech Alarms Ltd are specialists in water, gas and oil leak detection systems, providing singe or multi zone alarm packages which can activate a range of beacons, sounders, send SMS text messages and integrate with building management systems. For technical advice or sales enquiries please get in touch.