Envirotech Alarms are water leak detection specialists, offering reliable, easy, innovative leak detection solutions for almost every environment. Our technical sales team have many years’ experience in designing the best water leak detector alarm for your project. Take advantage of our free design consultation service to help with your tender.

Since Envirotech Alarms started in 2015 we have built up a solid reputation in the construction industry for supplying easy to use leak detection equipment. Our list of references is the envy of the industry and includes many prestigious buildings using an Envirotech water leak detector, such as The Natural History Museum, The V&A, The Shard, Fenchurch Street and Tower 42.

Popular complete leak detection kits

No.1 Product

A complete water leak detection system for tea points, coffee stations and kitchens.  Comes complete with alarm panel, 3m of sensor tape and connection cables,  Can also be connected to a valve to automatically switch off the water.

A complete leak detection package designed to protect small to medium Comms Rooms from being damaged by water.  Includes an alarm panel, connection cables, 20m of sensor tape and an external beacon.

Buy a complete environmental monitoring package for your plant room.  This versatile alarm can monitor for water and gas leaks simultaneously or just water where no gas is present.

A complete kit of parts to protect a basement area from unexpected water leaks and prevent costly damage to your property. The package Includes an alarm panel, 3m sensor tape, 3m connection cable and an optional shutoff valve.

Envirotech Alarms are proud to play our part in helping Water Aid provide clean water to everyone, no matter where they are!


Damage and loss due to water leaks can have a massive impact on the smooth running of a business

Fire and intruder alarms are installed without a thought, yet the devastation caused by a significant water leak can have an equally disruptive impact. Often caused by something as common as a central heating system and frozen or burst pipes in the plumbing system. Fitting aleak tracker uk water leak detection alarm water leak detection device from Envirotech Alarms will detect leaks and automatically shut off the water supply, preventing the damage and cost of water leak repairs caused in the event of a water leak. It will also prevent an unnecessarily high water bill or insurance claim and protect neighbouring properties that could be effected. The price of our water leak detector systems will far outweigh the cost associated with something as simple as a burst pipe or plumbing leaks going undetected for any length of time.

Envirotech Alarms have a wide range of different solutions for making sure a water leak can be detected and acted on quickly

gas leak detector with duomo sensorWhether you need to detect leaks at a single Tea Point, Comms Room, Plant Room or an entire building from water damage, we have an alarm for this. Our range of water leak detection products cover sensor and flow based alarms (including alarms to meets the requirement for BREEAM WAT02/03) for water leak detection. We also have alarms that can detect the presence of oil and gas as well as monitoring systems for detecting rises in temperature.

Envirotech Alarms are water leak detection specialists who are based in the UK

Here we have our manufacturing and distribution sites. This gives us an edge imrita cost effective home leak detectorwhen it comes to offering flexible bespoke solutions for project specific jobs or easy complete packages for areas such as Tea Points. What ever the job, we go out of our way to provide expert customer support and fast delivery, we’re just a phone call away, so why not contact us to speak with a leak detection specialist today.

“Water Leak Detection Made Simple”

water leak detection kitThis is the message echoed throughout the business. That’s why we are one of the only leak detection companies with an online shop. This easy to use website will guide you through the different water leak detectors options, let you order straightaway and afford you quick delivery from the stock we hold.

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