Single Zone Oil Leak Detection Alarm Panels

Oil leaks can be particularly damaging to local environments if left unchecked.  Large volumes of oil and fuel can be lost should a pipe fracture, a connector fail or damage due to vandalism.  Envirotech Alarms understand the need to detect the presence of these substances where they shouldn’t be and react immediately.  The LeakHunter oil leak detection system is a single zone oil leak detection system (see here for multizone) which has been developed to go in oil and fuel storage facilities, adjacent to fuel tanks for standby generators. in lift pits where hydraulic oil is used and in waste oil and solvent collection centres.

Single Zone Oil Leak Detection Alarm

Product Features

  • Can detect the presence of most hydrocarbon based oils.
  • Ideal for smaller fuel tanks situated in vulnerable locations.
  • Can be connected to valves used to switch off fuel lines.
  • Employs clever optical sensing technology to detect the presence of oil.
  • More than one sensor can be linked in series.
  • Can be linked to BMS, text diallers and beacon/sounders.

The LeakHunter can detect: Aviation Spirit, Benzene, Hydrochloric Acid, Butane, Edible fats & Oils, Kerosene, Linseed Oil, Methanol, Motor Oil, Diesel, Petroleum Ether, Transformer Oil, Varnish, Water, White Spirit, Sulphuric Acid and a range of other substances, please call us to check it will work with the substance you need to monitor for.

The LeakHunter 1 single zone oil leak detection alarm detects the presence of non conductive fluids such as oil in environments where it shouldn’t be. Should this be detected the alarm panel will trigger an internal buzzer and an LED will start to flash.  There are also a number of volt free relays that will switch when oil has been detected. The principle of oil leak detection involves the use of a sensor. Working on the principle of light passing between two points the oil leak sensor detects any change in opacity between an emitting diode and a detector. This causes the sensor to switch state and signal that oil is present.