Multizone Over Temperature Alarm

The Heat-Hunter detects when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-set upper or lower limit, it can also be used to detect levels of  humidity above a point that would cause problems to sensitive equipment. Using a multi zone alarm panel allows a number of areas to be monitored simultaneously from a central point. In addition to our multizone over temperature alarms see our range of single zone temperature alarms.

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    There is also the advantage of connecting a number of temperature probes and humidity sensors that can be set to upper and lower limits, thus ensuring that the room stays in a stable condition or an alarm will be triggered.  Our Multizone over temperature alarms are ideal for use in data centres or comms rooms where a rise in ambient temperature is usually the first sign of a cooling system failure.

    • Measures for over-temperature in various different locations.
    • Heathunter Alarm panels available between 2 and 32 zones
    • Ideal for use in larger data centres and comms rooms.
    • Can be used with temperature, humidity and water leak detection sensors.
    • Comes with individual zone relays as standard, to allow connection to the BMS, diallers and beacon/sounders.

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