LeakStopper 1 – Single Zone Water Leak Detector

£429.00 (excl VAT)

Build your own single zone water leak detection system using the LeakStopper 1 alarm panel. Add sensor tape, probes and pads to fit the environment where you need to detect water leaks. Ideal for Plant Rooms, Comms Rooms and pipe runs where a leak could cause problems and damage. Start with the versatile LeakStopper 1 (comes with battery backup and connections to BMS, solenoid valves and external devices as standard), add connection cable and choose between sensor tape, sensor probes and sensor pads. Quantities can be selected relative to the size of the area requiring cover (i.e. 20m of sensor tape will cover a 5m x 5m area when installed around the periphery of the room, or 4 sensor pads can be selected to protect 4 drip trays under an AC unit). Why not add an optional valve to switch the water off or a text dialler that will let you know there’s an alarm even out of hours.

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    Single Zone Water Leak Detector Features

    • Detects the presence of water and outputs an alarm.
    • Perfect for use in tea points, WC areas, smaller comms rooms and plant rooms.
    • Can be connected to sensor tape, sensor probes or sensor pads.
    • More than one sensor can be connected in series.
    • BMS interface via a volt free relay output.
    • Additional relay output as standard for connection to valves, beacon/sounders, remote repeater panels and diallers.
    • Cable fault monitoring outputs a separate alarm should the cable become damaged or a connector is pulled apart.
    • Easy to install utilising push fit terminal connectors, minimal commissioning and maintenance required.

    Envirotech Alarms offer a unique number of outputs as standard making the LeakStop and LeakStopper 1 the most flexible, cost effective systems on the market. Options include solenoid shutoff valves, sounder/beacon panels, SMS diallers and Echo repeater panels used to mimic the alarm in a different part of the building such as the reception or security office. Or find out about our multizone detectors here.


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